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January 6, 2008
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Pyramid Head- Fukuro by Smiley-Skull Pyramid Head- Fukuro by Smiley-Skull
First off: Yes! I realize there is a square missing from his helmet. That's because I decided to draw this PH based on the design seen in "FuKuRo" from The art of Silent Hill dvd :3

Link to video: [link]

The music video is more so about the erotic, sexual side of Silent Hill. Something which I think needs to be recognized more so than, "Ugh! He's raping the leggy-things!"

I mean seriously .___.;;

Come on! How do you rape with no clothes on, eh? PH is not raping them! It's symbolism darn you!

Annnnyway, back to the picture.

This is my first PH drawing I've been proud of ^^ Sure, not everything's all that good... And it's a pretty terrible sketch xD~

But I'm pleased with it all the same :3 Because PH is usually a bitch for me to draw X___x;;

I kind of added a few of my own touches here and there to his design, mostly his apron :3

And that's his spear .3. Which I find a lot easier to draw than The Great Knife >:

This picture's mostly for my Silent Hill obsessed friend :iconcannibalplant: Because she likes PH, and asked me to draw him quite a few times x3

Procratination FTW~

I really want to make a SH cosplay... But I dunno who I'd rather be xD

Valtiel or Pyramid head... Hmm... >.>

I've gotten blister-like things on the insides of my two index fingers ;_; Ow!

Pyramid Head ain't mine, he belongs to Konami.

But the art work is mine <: Happy me!
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DontTrust Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2010
I love the music playing in the background of Fukuro. The whole video is very artistic, in it's own unique way. Loves it.
squiid Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2008
Lol, looks cool. You should cosplay as pyramid head. xD I went to a mini cosplay convention thing at the library and someone was pyramid head. O:
davidsh93 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2008
lucy i watcehd the video on youtbue and my brain has melted! i hope thy ist happyeth! bleck X_X
Smiley-Skull Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2008
Hm? Fukuro? What's wrong with it? I find it rather fascinating. We see a lot more about PH through it, and more questions arise.
Rage-DN Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2008
oh this is great xDD is better n__n
great job :spyed2:
Smiley-Skull Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2008
Thanks very much for the feedback! x3
kniveschik24 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2008
Fukuro is win. *exersizes to said song*
I know I'm a nerd lulz.
I love the form on this picture, Very simplistic yet the emphasis speaks loudly 8D
Smiley-Skull Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2008
Haha, I love the song!
Nerds are more fun too C':

Thanks very much! It was a fun pose to work with!
cannibalplant Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2008
Lol haha this is awesome! xD I think you did a great job on it...Pyramid head is a bitch to draw though! x__X;;; its the helment that gets me...can't draw many angles without it looking bad! D:

I think you should valtiel! o3o I've never seen anyone cosplay as him and that would be pretty cool if someone did! xD

Oh and sorry about your blister things! I bet they hurt like Hell! D:
Smiley-Skull Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2008
I can't ever seem to get the damn angles right ;_;

I've seen a few cosplays of him x3 Some of 'em were rather cool!

I gnawed the blisters off... ._.
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